CENG 235 - Introduction To Probability and Statistics

Instructor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Nurdan Saran

Semester: 2020 - 2021 Fall


Office Hours: Wednesday 14:20 - 15:10



Office:  L-219

E-mail:  buz@cankaya.edu.tr

Catalog Description: This course covers the role of statistics in engineering. It is designed to be a dense one-term introduction to probability, inferential statistics, experiments, hypothesis testing and estimation, Topics include sample spaces and events, conditional probability and independence. Discrete and continuous random variables, their probability distributions, expected value and distribution parameters. Discrete probability distribution functions (Binomial, geometric, negative binomial, Poisson distributions). Continuous probability distributions (uniform, normal, exponential, and gamma distributions). Estimation and hypothesis testing of a single sample (Random sampling, sampling distributions, central limit theorem, confidence intervals)

Textbook: Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Ninth Edition, Walpole, Myers, Myers, Ye, Pearson Education

Evaluation Criteria:  Classworks (%30), 1 Midterm (%30), 1 Final (%40)